Why Swimming Pools?


Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Currently just over $15 Billion and growing.

Without enough service providers to handle the 11 Million residential pools, which does not include semi-public and commercial statistics, there is an enormous demand for a reputable service provider.


High Demand

With an ever growing population in general comes more houses being built everyday. Every year dozens of swimming pools are being installed in each town and there aren't nearly as many being knocked down or filled in. It's a constant growing industry without enough service providers to handle the load. 


Recession Resistant

When the economy isn't doing so well most home owners cut back on their vacations and instead invest their time at home. Our own experience during the crash of 2008 actually boosted our numbers. No one went anywhere and instead used their extra funds to enjoy their pool. 


Recurring Revenue

Unlike most industries who are constantly on the hunt for the next job, we are fortunate to not only have steady, repeated customers all season long but year after year as well. The clientele builds up quickly especially when they have a dependable service provider who knows their pool, their backyard, their requests and their family with a need for a service at least twice a year, every year.


Low Impact

Our services do not involve backbreaking, strenuous work which allows a long, productive career which can continue as a side gig well into retirement.

The physical actions that are required and performed on a daily basis will not strain the body yet our routine is challenging  enough to keep us active; the demand is a perfect balance.

Why Pool Pals®?

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