Our Weekly Service

Our Weekly Service


General Information:

  • Our "Personal Payment Plan" is one of the best values in the industry. Our Weekly customers have one total for the entire season divided into 3 installments each starting at $709.00 for a basic system. More involved, complex pools may have a higher rate.
  • The 1st payment is due after we open, 2nd on July 15th and the 3rd payment after we close.
  • If you have a service company open and close your pool it will roughly equal one of the 3 payments, a cost that would be endured regardless.
  • If you buy your own chemicals to properly balance the water all season long then it too would roughly equal one of the 3 payments which again is a cost endured regardless.
  • One payment would be the extra cost of having your swimming pool cared for the entire season.
  • Allows peace of mind; any issues that arise will be covered.
  • Acts as an insurance policy; every chemical the pool will require is included. We also throw in any minor parts, materials and service calls.
  • Creates a budget; you will know exactly what your summer will cost for everything maintenance related for the pool.
  • The only exclusions are the replacement of major components such as the pump, filter, cover, etc...
  • Also, to customize our service for our customer's unpredictable needs, we offer an option for you to request additional weekly visits from your regular day of the week for a $25 - $75 charge for each visit.

This Service Includes the Following for an Entire Season:

  • The Opening
  • The Weekly Cleanings
  • The Off-Weekly Visits
  • The Closing
  • Service Calls
  • Minor Repair Service
  • Maintenance Related Visits
  • Eyeballs
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Shock
  • Chlorine/ Bromean Tabs
  • Salt
  • Algaecide
  • Metal + Scale
  • Anti-freeze
  • Clarifier
  • Gizzmo's
  • Plugs
  • pH Increase
  • Alkalinity Increase
  • Calcium
  • Chlorine Stabilizer
  • Phosphate Remover
  • D.E.
  • Baskets
  • Minor Misc. Supplies
  • Minor Misc. Parts
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

What you will not be Missing:

  • No More Testing the Water
  • No More Going to the Store
  • No More Buying Chemicals
  • No More Storing Chemicals
  • No More Vacuuming
  • No more Cleaning the Filter
  • No Contracts
  • No Commitments
  • No Constant Monthly Bill
  • No Surprise Invoices with Additional Charges

The Following will be Completed Every Visit:

  • Pool Surface Skimmed
  • Baskets Emptied
  • Water Tested and Balanced if Adjustment is Required
  • Pressure Checked
  • Filter Backwashed / Cleaned if Required
  • Check Timer
  • Check Salt Level
  • Add Tabs
  • Empty Polaris
  • Pool Vacuumed if there is Debris
  • Pool Brushed if there is Algae
  • Electronic Service Report Completed and sent via Email
  • Gates Shut and Fastened Securely

A properly working Chlorinator will be required for this service. Salt pools do not apply.

  • What is a chlorinator? It’s a chemical feeder that solely contains chlorine. When the pump is on, the unit provides chlorine to the pool.
  • Why does it have to be mandatory? The old method of putting chlorine tabs in the skimmer once a week does a great job of sanitizing the pool but it’s not the recommended method. We have no control of regulating the chlorine levels preventing us from doing our job properly and it is very unsafe for your pool system.   
  • What do you mean “unsafe for my pool system?” When the pump is off the water is stagnant and the chlorine tabs in the skimmer continue to dissolve. The chlorine, highly concentrated, slowly corrodes the nearby plumbing, gaskets and seals.  
  • Will I have problems in the future because it is too late and the damage is already done? If you haven’t had any issues yet then chances are things will be OK but wouldn’t recommend going any further.  
  • How expensive will this be? $190.00 is the price of the unit, installed. 

The only 2 things you will need to do as a Weekly customer of ours:

  1. Always keep the water level half way up the skimmer mouth and simply fill the pool whenever it drops.
  2. Call, text or email us immediately whenever there’s an issue. Green or cloudy water, something leaking, something doesn’t sound right, etc. Please do not think you are bothering us; you are only helping us and yourselves by nipping it in the bud.  All pools will eventually battle the fight against algae including pools that are professionally cared for, Pool Pals included.

That’s it; we will take care of everything else!

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