The Swimming
Pool Service


The Standards are Set.

Certified, Skilled and Thoroughly Trained


Every Managing Partner has been Certified (CPO), educated in Basic Electric and instructed in General Business.

Our successfully proven company policies have been instilled including Customer Service, Business Ethics and Quality Control.

Our services have been repeatedly demonstrated and exercised, all in our state of the art Indoor Training Facility during a 10 day course.

Our Personal Payment Plan and Service Package Options


Our Personal Payment Plan is one of the best values in the industry.

It is an insurance policy, budget guide and peace of mind all wrapped up in one affordable package.

Our variety of Opening Service Packages offers the right service at the right price.

Our most popular package will get your pool clear, clean, balanced and safe to swim in by the time we're done.

Custom-Built Service Equipment


Our portable cleaning unit is handmade ourselves, right here in our shop.

All the heavy lifting related to the cleaning of your pool is sent through our system which we have designed with efficiency in mind.

It prevents wear and tear on your pool system and equipment.

It saves time and money by using less resources to clean your filter; it will be exposed to much less.

Help us Improve Our Service

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Thank you for your business, continuous loyalty, patience and understanding over the past 17 years.

Pool Pals, Inc.