Why Pool Pals®?

We have re-imagined the Swimming Pool service Company


So what does that mean? What do we do so different that no one else has ever tried?

Franchising a Swimming Pool Service Company in New England for one!

We are sharing a business model that is based on offering a premium service that's high in demand at sensible rates with customer satisfaction as our main priority. All backed by an established, reputable, existing company who's strategy for expansion will have the support from those who have invested interest.

Each Territory is Independently Owned and Operated

Every  Pool Pals® franchise is independently owned and operated allowing us to offer customers reliable, detailed and dependable service performed by trusted members of their own community.

This approach is more desired than the traditional one owner with 10 service trucks and 15 employees.

Every Owner is Trained and Certified

Unlike most industries, pool service has no town, state or federal required qualifications or certifications for residential work. No regulations are enforced, therefore pool owners who hire service providers are left to choose based on hope alone.

Pool Pals® training, CPO certification and basic electric knowledge requirements, along with setting and enforcing the highest quality standards and company policies, give home owners assurance they are in good hands.

Offering One of the Best Values in the Industry

Our Personal Payment Plan is one of the best values in the industry.

It is an insurance policy, budget guide and peace of mind all wrapped up in one affordable package.

Custom-Built Service Equipment

Our portable cleaning unit is handmade ourselves, right here in our shop.

All franchisees are thoroughly equipped with our exclusive gear.

A System Designed with Low Costs and High Potential

Simple Ownership

We keep it easy, straight forward and enjoyable.

Home Based Business

No need for an expensive commercial location.

Flexible Schedule

You determine your agenda.

Minimal Lifestyle Change

Keep your regular routine and adjust accordingly.

Start Part Time

Begin your new business at your own pace.

Take the Winters Off

Take a long break, travel down south or stay and shovel snow!

The High's

High Potential Return on Investment

High Potential for Growth

High Potential for Success

The Low's

Low Risk

Our fellow pool companies in the area will attest; the swimming pool service industry is stable, profitable and full of potential.

Low Overhead

Our strategy is simple; perform a service high in demand while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Low Start-Up Costs

Little to no initial employees required and our home based structure makes our franchise system much less than most.

Low Operation Costs

Our system has been designed to keep things affordable, practical and simple in order to keep on-going expenses minimal.

Low On-Going Fees

Flat rate royalties mean you keep all your earnings from your extra hard work and are only responsible for the minimums.

The No's

No Experience Necessary

No Commercial Location Needed

No Large Staff Required

If preferred...

Stay Part Time

Already have another gig and just want a certain amount extra? No problem, there's no pressure from us; you decide how much growth to endure while maintaining your current job.

Only Work Half the Year

Looking to go at it full throttle when the getting's good? Well same here; we have always been able to earn an entire year's worth during our season by working hard and putting in the extra hours and then able to take it easy during the colder months.

Keep it Small

Prefer to go it alone to avoid overhead?

Not a problem, our system is designed to modestly handle the toll alone without the aid of employees though the demand will support them if desired.

During the Launch of your Franchise you will Receive....


Your Exclusive Territory

Our Custom Built Service Equipment

Thorough Training and Eligible Certification

Rights to our Reputable Company Name

Full Operations Manual

Initial and Continuous Support and Aid

To Sum it Up

Profitable, Stable and an Enjoyable Business

A Strong Team Behind You

You Determine Your Success

You Decide your Rate of Growth

Why Franchise?

"Your extreme success is our main objective.We will be failing if you are only just succeeding. We will not stop pushing until we have accomplished more then your expectations and even then, at that point, after you have mastered, accomplished, conquered and continued that strong momentum … we will still be there for you."

Matthew Khouri

Founder / CEO

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