Thank You

A few People that need acknowledgement


Our First Customers

To all of you who were kind enough to give a young man a chance back in May, 2003 during our first year in business, thank you. It meant more than you could ever imagine. 

Mike Besso

Has always given help and support whenever needed without ever taking a second to think if it would be an inconvenience to him. No hesitation, never expecting anything in return and always with a smile and a joke or two. Simply put; there would be no Pool Pals if it weren't for him. 

Mark Anderson

Took a kid under his wing for no apparent reason other then a genuine urge to want to help. Never wanted acknowledgement, never asked for anything in return; just pure kindness.

He bought the first tomato and it was his dog.

Phyllis and James Spurling

Raising two kids alone with a full time job seems impossible yet she pulled it off until Jim came along to help. Though their messages and efforts weren't realized at the time, they are completely evident now. 

Freddy and Fanny Pichierri

Arguably more parents then grandparents but nonetheless transformed a troubled little boy into a not so troubled young man by means of kindness and a timeout corner.

Our Current Staff

We wouldn't be anywhere without your hard work, dependability, support and encouragement. Thank you for going the extra mile; it does not go unnoticed. 

Tyler Lang

Because it wasn't done properly before and that first opening would have been a failure if you hadn't shown your confidence that day. Thank you and hope you're well.

Leah Khouri

Words aren't enough to explain how heavily your family relies on you, how important you are to them and how much you're loved. Thank you for doing everything you do; nothing would come close to being accomplished without you.