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It's a given that many who have a desire to own their own business seek out franchising as a possible route to take.

You may be considering the swimming pool industry but with so many options to choose from, making a decision can be very difficult and rightly so; this will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make.

You must be happy with not only your role as owner but also enjoy the industry you're about to enter in and what work load that industry demands.

Partner up with us and find out how  Pool Pals® could be the best financial move of your career!


You have served your country, did your duty, accomplished all your goals and now it's time to reap all the benefits of your sacrifice...

Your determination is unmatched, you are dependable and committed.

You have always possessed those rare qualities that make up the perfect solider. Those same qualities are also ideal for the perfect franchisee...

In fact, some of the most successful franchises out there are run by vets...

Partner up with us and find out how  Pool Pals® can give you the opportunity to flourish beyond your greatest expectations.

Also, there is a generous discount for your service; up to $1,500! 


I'm sure you have thought to pursue several professions in order to make the most of your open schedule, especially after witnessing several of your colleagues successfully make a ton of extra income...

You know it would have to be extremely flexible, local and the schedules would have to flow seamlessly...

You would want a gig that allowed you to make your own decisions and set your own times yet still professionally perform all your tasks properly and when they were required...

Partner up with us and find out how  Pool Pals®  would be the ideal option as a second source of income that would fit your current lifestyle perfectly.

Also, there is a generous discount for your service; up to $1,500!

Pool Service Employees

If you're reading this right now then chances are you have a strong desire to increase your income, be better rewarded for your efforts and possibly have always entertained the idea of owning your own business...

You already know the industry well, can skillfully perform all the required services and chances are you're constantly thinking of aspects you would do differently that would improve your job if you ever got the opportunity to do so...

Then what's holding you back in order to make more money, support your family or lifestyle more comfortably and better your career?

It's either intimidation or just not sure where to begin; both of which we will help you overcome.


Partner up with us and Pool Pals® will ensure to get you the proper title and position in order to achieve all your professional desires.

Also, there are massive discounts for those who are experienced; up to $10,000!

Pool Company Owners

If you are a current pool service provider then chances are you are reading this right now to see what we're all about and compare...

But what if there was something here that could help you crank your company up a notch or two...

Something that would bring you, your reputation and your abilities to the next level...

Be exposed to info that would motivate you to offer certain services that you never would have imagined only because they were under estimated...

Partner up with us and find out how  Pool Pals® grew from 12 to over 800 customers!

Also, there are massive discounts for those who are experienced; up to $10,000! 

College Students

You're eager to begin your career, can't wait to get going in life, start making a decent income and get some experience from the real world under your belt.

The notion alone of being able to say you own your own business at such a young age motivates you more than you can express...

No one can relate more then myself who was in college at the age of 20 when the company was created...

Partner up with us and find out how  Pool Pals® is a perfect fit for your schedule and how your youth, strength, and hunger for success can be used to earn you more then you could have imagined.

Also, there is a generous discount for college attendees; up to $1,500!

Steps to Ownership

1. Meet the Staff

Visit us at our headquarters, tour our facility, meet everyone, receive our Disclosure Docs and have a little Q and A.

2. Claim Your Territory

After you have been approved and its decided we're both a good match for each other, you'll receive some real estate.

3. Complete the Franchise Agreement

Once this is complete, we'll schedule your training and begin the next exciting steps...

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