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Pool Pals® Ground Zero

An Idea

One winter night in 2003 at the age of 20, Matt approached Mike Besso (yes, our current consultant) and asked if it was a good idea to start a swimming pool cleaning business.

Without hesitation, Mike answered with an enthusiastic "yes" and that was all Matt needed to hear.

A couple months later, flyers were sent out, a few openings were scheduled and  Pool Pals® was born!

With Mike's guidance, help from his old friend Tyler, a small pickup truck and his grandmother's one bay garage, the venture began.

(This is our original hand drawn logo, Tyler on the left, Matt on the right.)


Pool Pals® Beginning


An Opportunity

As time passed, the company grew.

Our customers were tripling each season, our financials were strongly developing and by year five,  Pool Pals® was a common name in our territory.

Things really started to take off after the addition of David, Eric and Justin and even more, later on, with Kevin, Matt and Justine.

(This was our next logo after realizing the company wasn't just a summer job anymore...)

Pool Pals® Yesterday

The Potential

After accomplishing our tenth season in 2012 with tremendous success, we realized there was even more potential here that was not properly utilized.

Then a new idea came to mind.

Share our successful business model at a measured rate to proficient, capable, motivated candidates.

Expose our services to other customers outside our area by those who have invested interest.

All while ensuring the quality of our service stayed at the high level our existing customers were used to and have always experienced.

(This logo was where we were heading until we realized we should stick to our original concept...) 


Pool Pals® Today


The Big Decision

In 2017, during our fifteenth year in business, we made the decision to franchise the company.

Our customer base of over 700 pools at the time and a strong, skilled, dependable staff gave us the support we needed to pursue our new venture.

We were also able to justify our decision by the potential this industry has with such a high demand for an honest, dependable and responsive swimming pool service provider.

All standards we pride ourselves on and just some of the policies we practice every day.

(Here's a sketch during the process of our current logo's development...)

Pool Pals® Tomorrow



We have invested thousands of hours developing our business model, building our training facility and preparing our staff.

We currently and always will continue to serve our original territory as we continue to guide and aid our franchisees; we prefer to be out there in the field along with everyone else.

Our available support, training, certification, custom made service equipment, developed policies and our customer's package options keep us true to our motto;

we are The Swimming Pool Service Company, Re-imagined.

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