Investment Info

Join New England's Original Swimming Pool Service Franchise!


Franchise Fee: $15,000

Includes: exclusive territory, rights to the Pool Pals® brand, initial and on-going support, company website and company email address.

Training: $10,000

Includes: certification, operational manual, all required instruction, start-up aid, consultation, teaching, coaching and required forms.

Custom Built Equipment: $5,000

Includes: custom built implements specific to our industry and services offered.

Product, Supplies, Tools and Equipment: $8,000

Includes: initial chemicals, miscellaneous parts, hand tools, power tools and power equipment.

Additional Capital: $5,000

 Includes: a cushion until business picks up. 

Insurance, Legal, Marketing and Office: $7,000

Includes: incorporating, vehicle insurance, liability insurance, vehicle lettering, postcards, business cards, yard signs, work wear, smart phone, computer, printer and misc. supplies. 

Vehicle: $0 - $30,000

 Includes: service truck 

Total Initial Investment: $50,000

Not Included:

* Service Vehicle; will depend on individual circumstance

* Living and traveling expenses

* Applicable Discounts

Franchise Discounts

Experienced Service Providers

Know the industry well?

Up to a $10,000 Discount!


Thank you for your Valor.

Up to a $1,500 Discount!


Thank you for your Bravery.

 Up to a $1,500 Discount! 

Law Enforcement

Thank you for your courage.

 Up to a $1,500 Discount! 

Flat rate Royalties

Flat rates based on the projected minimum revenue. We feel better knowing you are rewarding yourself for all your extra effort unlike most franchises who charge a percentage and benefit more the harder you work. All the earnings from your extra hard work you put into your business is yours to keep; every penny.

Be responsible for the minimums only and the rest is yours.

Another example of how you decide the rate of your success.

Year 1, Months 1 - 12

$250 per month (covered by 1.5 Weekly Customers)

Year 2, Months 13 - 24

$500 per month (covered by 3 Weekly Customers)

Year 3, Months 25 - 36

$750 per month (covered by 4.5 Weekly Customers)

Year 4, Months 37 - 48

$1,000 per month (covered by 6 Weekly Customers)

Year 5, Months 49 - 60

$1,250 per month (covered by 7.5 Weekly Customers)

Year 6 - Remaining Term of Franchise Agreement

$1,500 per month (covered by 9 Weekly Customers) 

Ongoing Minimum Local Marketing Requirement

$0 per month! That's right, our design requires no expensive marketing approach. The execution and funds required are minimal yet effective and are included in the initial investment figure. This small expense will eventually fade all together as you become more established in your area; therefore no monthly expense requirement needed.

Website and Email

$0 per month! We got you covered, including your email address.

Investing in one high quality, strong website that informs everyone about everything in one place with one domain name, keeps it organized, convenient, simple and affordable for everyone.

Additional Fees

$0 per month! Straightforward, true and simple. There are no technical, merchant or general hidden fees. What we say is what it is.

All the above to ensure the on-going expenses are minimal and helping safeguard your comfort.


Third Party Financing Available

Steps to Ownership

1. Meet the Staff

Visit us at our headquarters, tour our facility, meet everyone, receive our Disclosure Docs and have a little Q and A.

2. Claim Your Territory

After you have been approved and its decided we're both a good match for each other, you'll receive some real estate.

3. Complete the Franchise Agreement

Once this is complete, we'll schedule your training and begin the next exciting steps...

Contact Us for More Info

We would love to hear from you.

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