Glass Filter

Glass Filter


What is it?

It's recycled glass where milling technology has removed contaminates to produce a clean, high quality filter media. The glass has a slight negative charge on the surface to attract fine particles, which cling to the media creating the safest, most reliable and cost effective way to filter your pool water.


  • Compatible w/ all Sand Filters, we’ll remove the old Sand and replace it w/ Glass.
  • Filters down to 5 microns which includes capturing skin cells, blood cells and 70% of bacteria!
  • Allows equipment to run less time to achieve sufficient water clarity.
  • Life-time guarantee, Glass media will never expire, breakdown or degrade.
  • It is the last filter that will ever need to be installed for your swimming pool.
  • Uses 25% less water when backwashing.
  • Lowers chemical consumption.
  • Prolongs the life of your pool equipment.
  • Eco-friendly, Effective and Efficient; saving the environment.
  • Provides a superior clean.

What will not be missed...

  • No more mess in the lawn or near system cleaning the filter especially during the closing.
  • No more buying D.E.
  • No more hosing down a cartridge.
  • No more disassembling and reassembling your filter.
  • No more garden hose or chemicals to clean your filter.
  • No parts to maintain.
  • No parts to replace.
  • No parts that degrade, clog up or breakdown.
  • No more issues with bug spray, body oils and suntan lotions obstructing the water flow.

To sum it up...

Glass is less expensive, less problematic, more service friendly, longer lasting and more dependable then Cartridge and DE filters. We wouldn’t recommend replacing your current filter if it’s still working properly; get as much out of it as possible. What we do recommend is not investing anything further into your Cartridge or DE filters and instead save it for the Glass replacement. Not only is it the best option for filtering your pool water but it’s also the last filter you will ever install in your system!

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